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Gogogo |  the First Chinese Master Trainer |  Ambassador   (*V*) Always Gogogo Laughter Yoga


Due to too much stress the work place has become too serious. People think serious people are more responsible and more productive. This is not true. More productive people are those who take their work seriously but take themselves lightly.


Scientific research shows us that laughter can help to resolve workplace stress and many related issues, but until now there has been no reliable and effective system to deliver laughter. Humor is the only tool available, but it is not reliable and seldom leads to continuous hearty laughter.


Laughter Yoga is a breakthrough laughter delivery system that enables a person to laugh continuously for 15 to 20 minutes with short breaks of yogic breathing.


To get the scientifically proven benefits, laughter has to be:

Wink Hearty - coming from the belly (Diaphragm) hahahahaha

Wink It has to be extended for a longer period of time hehehehehe


Natural laughter in daily life comes for barely a few seconds here and there which is not enough to bring about powerful physiological changes. But, Laughter Yoga is the ideal system in which laughter can be extended at our will.